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"Meghan Rothschild is a very special person with a special talent who has a story that should be told to all of our students. Their use of tanning beds is more than other populations and their peer, Meghan Rothschild, can best inform them of the risks and dangers of their use. We had been using our Dermascan once or twice a semester, but this year it was the centerpiece at our annual "Spring Break Beach Party" and Meghan was the "Grand Finale". Our Health Education Department will give this topic much more attention, become more involved with campaigns and definetly plan on Meghan returning to our campus. A BIG thanks to her!" Roger F. Jadosz R.N./Health Educator, University of Rhode Island

"Without question Meghan Rothschild’s story is one that should be heard by every college student in the country. The silence in the room is a testimony of how she is reaching her audience and the questions at the end of the presentation were non stop. Many of the students I know personally mentioned that after hearing her speak they will think twice about going to a tanning salon." Donna Lynn Darmody, Director of Health Education - Roger Williams University

"I am a college Nurse Practitioner and Health Educator and I see young college women with year-round tans. I see tanning salons soliciting and I know as a former tanning consumer how hard it is to break the trend of tanning to be beautiful. I recognized the huge problem on our campus and heard of Meghan from my colleague. Meghan has revently been the success of our "Your Skin Is In" program, teaching students about the dangers of tanning and pledgning not to tan.

Upon meeting her personally her story truly hit home. I thought how lucky I am not to have melanoma as well. Her story could happen to any of us. When you listen to Meghan's story, that of a college student going tanning to look prettier, you feel familiar. You then hear of her cancer you feel sick and devastated with fear, and you feel her pain. She tells her story with truth and emotions and you are right there with her. When she is done, you look at her and cheer that she is here today to tell her story and you think about the dangers. She makes you think!

When she speaks she captivates her audience with her story because it is real and she is real. She is a beautiful youthful model. College women certainly look to her as a role model. She is poised, mature and wel educated. She is active in the New England Melanoma Foundation and so many other avenues of melanoma awareness. Since speaking, students and colleagues have commented "That was a great program" ... "I learned so much, I will never tan again..." I watched the students during her program and they were captivated. After the program, students came up to tell Meghan they would not tan again. A comment made afterwards was that they liked Meghan's program because it was real and she told her story.

Meghan told me this was her mission and if she reaches just one person she is happy. Meghan Rothschild truly is passionate about her cause. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have Meghan speak... it is a missed opportunity to save someone's life. In our program 100% of our attended students pledged not to tan!" Lauren Dansereau, Nurse Practitioner and Health Educator, Western New England College

"The program definitely affected me. As an avid tanner of two years, I had no intention of letting a program affect me.  But it did just that-- Meghan's story literally made me sick to my stomach because of the realization that tanning can kill anyone. Cancer has no standards of who can and can't get sick. After attending the program I never want to get in to another tanning bed." Jillian Saley, Freshman, Western New England College

“Your presentation was very timely, extremely informative, deeply personal and thought provoking; most importantly, I believe that it may cause some people to change their behavior. I think that many people assume that skin cancer is just a lesion that is removed from their skin easily---they do not understand that it might require major surgery, especially in a young adult. What you endured after your diagnosis hopefully will help them understand the consequences of tanning. It was a distinct pleasure to meet you, Meghan, and I look forward to working again with you in the near future.” Mary Kay Connell, R.N.P. Director University Health Services, Salve Regina University

“With her warmth, youth, and extensive knowledge about melanoma, Meghan connected easily and well with our sophomore girls. Relating her personal experiences, she was an effective educator who helped our girls resist the social pressures to use indoor tanning methods.” Dr. Cheryl Jenkins, Director of Counseling & Health Education, St. George's School

Meghan is a compelling speaker. Her presentation style is professional and authentic. She is very poised and knowledgeable and holds the audience’s attention. This was demonstrated most recently at our Teens on Tanning Forum where she shared her experience as a melanoma survivor. Her presentations to our audiences of students are always extremely well received and she clearly has an impact on the lives of others. – Amy Mason, Melanoma Foundation of New England

The week of February 23rd-27th marked Northeastern University’s skin cancer awareness and prevention week. Sponsored by the on-campus group Colleges Against Cancer and the American Cancer Society, students were educated on the prevalence of skin cancer in our society and the unhealthy behavioral choices associated with an increased risk of skin cancer. The educational program consisted of on-campus informational events, a night lecture, and a free skin analysis for all students provided by the American Cancer Society. Amongst all of the planned events, none was as successful or as well- received as the presentation given by Meghan Rothschild, a young melanoma survivor on the night of February 25th.  

Over 100 students attended the presentation to hear Meghan’s story. Upon hearing about the planned event, students were instantly intrigued. Meghan was only 20 years old when she was first diagnosed with melanoma. The fact that she could get cancer at such a young age simply shattered the student’s perceived invincibility.  One female student said “The sheer fact that she was so young and so much like me is what drew me to the event”.

Meghan’s presentation was personal and extremely educational. She utilized both anecdotal evidence as well as scientific research to discuss her experience with skin cancer. The student’s were greatly impacted by her candor and sincerity. Meghan was willing to share pictures of her body throughout her intensive treatment. By sharing her battle wounds so bravely, Meghan helped to prevent others from going through the same experience.

The evening had a great impact on the student audience. The presentation was described as “incredibly moving” and “truly inspirational”. Students accustomed to regular tanning sessions reported that they would reduce their number of visits to the tanning salon. Over half of the student audience (54%) agreed that they would not attempt to achieve a tan this season after listening to Meghan’s lecture and 98% of the students in audience reported that they would begin to wear sunscreen consistently.  Meghan Eaton, Northeastern University



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